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Senmicro provides you with the conception, planning and software and hardware implementation of state-of-the-art machine vision and image processing systems in your production process.

With this a wide variety of challenges can exist, these being perfectly solved by development of the application.  The tasks here range from the optical testing of components for quality assurance, through to the point of the development of complex image processing systems.

Through Senmicro’s experience in the area of hardware and software development, individual and complex image processing systems can be integrated into automated test applications.

  • Installation inspection and testing
  • Optical geometry measurement
  • Quality assurance
  • Surface examination
  • Error detection
  • Sorting, packaging inspection
  • Traceability & identification
  • Control of industrial robots
  • Testing of printed circuit boards
  • Condition monitoring
  • Energy optimisation

Senmicro’s use of National Instrument’s imaging system offers the particular advantage that a software packet for the entire machine vision and image processing hardware is used.

Thanks to this open platform development, time and maintenance costs can easily be reduced and existing program code can be reused with replacement hardware. Additionally, systems can be easily combined with other sensor and data gathering solutions, allowing optimal customer specific results to be achieved.

Metal, wood and plastics processing, automobile, paper and electronics industries

Professional consulting and project planning, prior evaluation, hardware and software development, integration of machine vision and image processing systems through to customer specific camera development 

Official National Instruments Alliance Partner

Sensor technology

Non-contact measuring systems
for the optimisation of production
processes in the paper industry.

2/3D Machine vision

Soft and hardware for the
implementation of state-of-the-art
image processing systems.


From the requirements analysis
of PCB design, prototyping  
through to serial production.

Software development

Customised software solutions
based upon LabVIEW™ or
DIAdem for measuring systems
and real-time test stands in the
industrial field.